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Moreover Technologies, Inc has requested that stoped providing free access to Moreover news feeds, since its Terms and Conditions changed. The new terms updated on August 27th, 2002 allow free access only for "accredited charitable organizations" and only upon written permission.

That's why we had to temporarily disable downloads from this website. Sorry for the inconvenience.

However, hopefully we will modify Moresuitable script to fetch news feeds from another news provider(s). Please advise which one (or few) is good enough through our Feedback form.

Thank you.

Old content starts:

Want to enrich your web site with a fresh up to date and -- what is the most valuable -- focused on your topic news? We will give you a Perl script which will fetch such news for you automatically and embed them in your web site seamlessly.

The news feeds are provided for free by Moreover service, one of the most powerful newsfeeds provider on the web. And Moresuitable script (also free) will help you integrate the news feeds into your site.

Moresuitable Benefits

  • Total control of position, fonts, look and feel of news headlines. By editing of HTML template coming with Moresuitable script you are not bound with a few premade position options originally given by Moreover. Make your newspage really unique! Check Demo.

  • Now you can apply STYLES (CSS) to your news headlines.

  • The news page will be contained within your web site, not somewhere on remote server, which means it's content will be visible to search engines as yours and indexed by them as your site content.

  • Your news page will be renewed frequently, which will make search engines rank it higher and index it much more frequently than any static page. (learn more about that)


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